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How to submit your address filesUpdated 8 months ago

Artisaire's custom Addressed Envelopes let you utilize variable data print to bulk order for your events in a selection of beloved fonts. When ordering, you will be able to request a consistent return address to be printed on the back flap and also upload a personalized CSV (comma-separated values) file containing the required mailing addresses for your event.

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Prior to placing your order, we recommend checking out the resources linked on the product page, where you can find a pre-prepared and formatted CSV document for you to fill out and personalize for your order. These CSVs will require the following information to be filled out for each respective address you need for your order:

Name of Addressee - The full name of the person who your envelope is intended for, which will be placed on the first line of the mailing address. (e.g., "John Smith").

Civic Street Address - The civic number and street address, with any unit information listed initially and separated by a hyphen. This information should be fully capitalized and will be included on the second line of the mailing address. (e.g., "20 W 34TH ST")

City, Province/State, and Postal Code/ZIP Code - This information does not have to be separated by commas (punctuation is only recommended if it is a formal part of the proper name of the location); however, Postal and ZIP Codes should be separated from the Province/State by two spaces and fully capitalized (without inclusion of hyphens). This will be placed on the third line of the mailing address. (e.g., "New York NY  10001")

Destination Country - The country of delivery name is full and capitalized. This information is to be included if the envelope is being mailed internationally; however, this is not required for domestic mailing. If this line is inapplicable, this column of the pre-made CSV spreadsheet template can be left blank; however, if a mailing country has been indicated, this will be included on the last line of the mailing address. (e.g., "CANADA")

Pro Tip: These mailing format requirements are based upon a general set of standards outlined by Canada Post; however, the safest way to ensure that you won't incur delays at the post office is to thoroughly research your country's rules regarding domestic and international mail delivery before placing your order. 

Optional Mailing Info - Additional delivery information, such as location title, floor, etc., related to the civic address your envelope will be delivered to. If this line is inapplicable, this column of the CSV spreadsheet can be left blank, however, this information will be included on the second line, between the name of the addressee and the civic street address of the mailing address if included. (e.g., "PH #1")

Remember: when you've entered the information for your order, be sure that your document continues to be saved in a ".csv" format for our Graphics Team, as this will ensure we can prepare your order.

Your return address should be included in the same format as the mailing information contained in your CSV document but should not be included in your file, as this will be submitted as a consistent return address for all of the envelopes in your order! You will have the chance to enter this information when on the product page!

Pro Tip: If the minimum order quantity surpasses the number of addresses you need, we strongly recommend having your return address printed on the remaining blank envelopes for last-minute changes and add-ons!

Prior to submitting the address information for your order, you should always double-check your spelling and that the format of your information meets your country's requirements to ensure that no delays occur when you're ready to mail them to your loved ones. 

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