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What type of plug does your sealing wax gun have?

Our Low Temperature Sealing Wax Gun fits a North American outlet (120v and 40 watts). We are unable to confirm if it will work with a power adapter.

How do I clean my sealing wax spoon?

Excess sealing wax can be wiped from your spoon using a paper towel - please be very careful as the spoon gets hot. Soot will form on the bottom of your sealing wax spoon during use and can be cleaned with warm soapy water.

My sealing wax gun keeps dripping

Your sealing wax may be too hot. Unplug your Sealing Wax Gun and continue to work while your sealing wax cools down. If your gun continues to leak it may have faulty seal and can be replaced.

Do you sell samples?

We do! Our color swatches can be ordered here: Wholesale ( Yes, we recommend that every PRO client invests in our Color Guide, which contains our base 36 colors, as well as a size compar